We plan strategies from the view of focusing on someone's instinct,sensation,and knowledge for every business operator, and we aspire to create the new value resources with our clients for the world,with offering the design of expressing the concept and the business solition sysytem for the strategy.

It's necessary for our business acrivity to acquire and use personal information, and we recognize the protection of personal information is the important issue for the social liability of the company to complete the individual right and publicize it as best we can to our all employees. We declare observing the following things in all the sections of a company.

1.Acquisition of personal information
We acquire personal information by a lawful and fair means.
2.Use of personal information
To considerate our business contents and scale,we use the only basic information within the limits for the purpose of use which was shown on the acquisition of personal information, and we never use the information over necessity to achieve our purpose.
Besides,we take the measure for not using it over nesessity.
3.Disclosure to Third Parties
We never offer personal information with no previous permissions from theirselves except of the case following a statute.
4.Observabce of statute and social order
To achieve cartain protection of personal information,we observe the laws about personal information,guidelines established by the state, and the other rules.
5.Safety management of personal information
We manage and protect personal information strictly.
We devise rational safety measures based on internal rules and regulations about prevention of disclosure,loss,and prejudice of personal information,and in case any troubles happen,we work through it immediately
6.Establishiment, implementation, maintenance, and an improvement of personal information protection management sysytem
To carry out this policy,we establish personal information protection management sysytem(including this policy,personal inhformation protection manual,and the other rules),and we make our all employees and the other related parties publicize it as best we can and practice,carry on, and improve it continuously.
7.Access to management about personal infomation
If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact following address.

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